Good Morning Britain has left viewers divided after hosting a heated debate titled: “Do people hate vegans?”.

The segment was arranged in response to the controversies surrounding William Sitwell, the former Waitrose Food magazine editor who resigned after his comments about “killing vegans”.

TV Presenter Adrian Chiles, who follows a plant-based diet, and radio host Niall Boylan, who doesn’t, appeared on the ITV daytime show to discuss whether or not vegans were irritating.

How critics are reacting to resignation of Waitrose magazine editor
Boylan argued that he did in fact find vegans rather irritating.

“You can’t invite them out, you can’t go anywhere with them,” he told host Susanna Reid.

The 4FM presenter went on to say that vegans are always “moaning at the waiter” in restaurants, saying things like “does that have gluten in it?” – although, given that it isn’t an animal product, gluten is actually something vegans can eat.

However, when Reid pointed this out, Boylan stood by his claim, arguing that “there’s a trend, vegans normally move on to gluten as well because they like to get into all the fads”.

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