Do you want to start living a plastic-free life but don’t know where to begin? Looking around your house it might seem like a daunting task – because most of us have Tupperware in our cupboards, packaging in our fridges and a bundle of plastic bags lurking in a drawer.

Contrary to what you might think though, transforming your living space into a plastic-free zone can be relatively simple and makes for an impressive revamp. Imagine, for instance, how smart your kitchen could look without those unsightly plastic chopping boards stacked on the work top?

“There are plenty of stylish and affordable alternatives to plastic in the kitchen,” Victoria Harrison, editor of home renovation and design platform, explains.

“Replace old plastic chopping boards with wooden ones, store food in enamel and glass dishes, and consider bamboo-fibre plates and bowls instead of plastic for children.”

“Dustpans, brushes, plant pots… when you need a new utility item the chances are there’s a metal, wicker or wooden version that’s not only better for the environment than plastic, but will also give your home a timeless utilitarian charm,” she adds.

If you are looking for ways to de-plastic your home, here are some suggestions to get you started.

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